Health & Safety Representatives Conference

2009 Annual Health & Safety Representatives Conference
Wednesday, 28th October 2009

What is it?
The conference is a Trades Hall run conference for all Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs).

What does it involve?
Every year during WorkSafe week a full day is devoted to HSRs, the role they play in workplace safety, increasing HSRs knowledge and awareness including changes to legislation.

This year there will a focus on the progress of the national harmonisation of OHS laws as well as on specific topics to assist with representing your designated work group.

There will also be some keynote speakers from various organisations talking about OHS.

Why should I go?
Firstly it is important for HSRs to come to these events to increase their knowledge of what is happening with the legislation, changes over the past year that they may have missed and possible future changes that can have an effect on how HSRs can carry out their role.

Secondly and personally I believe more importantly is that within our industry it is extremely difficult for HSRs to communicate with each other; knowing this, all of you should be aware that we have set up the website to help HSRs network with each other through the ‘Your say’ section but nothing beats face to face contact and talking.

It is always much easier to explain what you mean or how certain things happen at your workplace in person with other HSRs which helps to build your network of HSRs to assist you whenever you need help or advice.

How do I get involved?
Just fill out the green and white registration form that came in the envelope and give your boss a photocopy of it ASAP as seats are limited.

Then send it back to us in the white reply paid envelope, remember you must have given a copy of the paperwork to your boss at least 14 days prior to the conference.

Remember to tick one of the boxes on the registration form for one of the morning panel workshops.

What if my boss says I can’t go?
If this happens you need to call the Union (me or your Organiser) as soon as your boss has denied your request to attend the conference so the AMIEU can make sure your are relieved for the day with pay- but this would still require 14 days notice to the employer so again the earlier you give them a copy and send us the original the better for you.

How do I get there?
Melways references and directions are provided on the registration form but make sure you leave enough time to get registered so you can prove you attended (if need be).

What do I get paid?
Section 69 of the OHS Act allows for HSRs to come to this event as it is a WSV approved training day and you must be paid the same as you would have got if you were at work, including shift and regular normal penalty allowances, production bonus’ and or tallies.

How long does it go for?
Attendance registration begins at 8am through till 9am when the course starts, morning tea and lunch are provided for attendees and the day ends at 4:30pm.

This may seem like a longer day than a lot of you are used to but remember it is just sitting, listening and talking; no hard labour for the day free food and full pay!!

If anyone has any other questions just shoot us an email, fax, or call the office- whatever suits you.

§ Remember, the more active the Health & Safety Representatives the safer the workers! §